Our Process

"Your Dream Home, Crafted to Perfection"

A Personalized Journey

We believe in building a strong foundation – both in terms of relationships and homes. Our building process starts with a friendly meet and greet, where we get to know you and understand your unique needs, wants and desires.

Turning Land into Legacy

Your land is the canvas for your dream home. We will work closely with you to assess the potential of your land (or ours) and help you make informed decisions about its utilization and how the home we build will best situate on your future homesite.

Designing Your Dream Floor Plan

We sit down with you to discuss your floorplan preferences. From the number of bedrooms to the layout of the kitchen, we ensure every detail is tailored to your lifestyle.

Blueprints That Reflect Your Vision

We take great pride in our attention to detail. Once the floor plan is finalized, we thoroughly review the blueprints to ensure every aspect aligns with your expectations.

Making It Official

With a deposit on prints, we solidify our commitment to bringing your dream home to life. This step also marks the beginning of our partnership towards creating something extraordinary together.

Ready, Set, Build!

With the build contract and sign off on prints, we are all set to bring your dream home to life. If you require financing, the team at PathFinder Bank, or a lender of your choice, will secure the necessary financing and begin the construction process with utmost precision and expertise.

A Smooth Construction Journey

Building a custom home should be an exciting and stress-free experience. At Caliber Custom Homes, we are committed to our partnership. We handle every step of the building process, from initial design to final construction. With our team, you will experience open communication and transparent project management, ensuring that you are involved and informed throughout the entire journey.

From Dig to Dream

It all begins with a dig – a symbolic moment that marks the start of constructing your dream home. Our team of skilled craftsmen will work diligently to ensure every aspect of your vision is brought to life.

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Achieving Financial Confidence

We understand that budgeting plays a crucial role in any home-building project. Whether you are a cash-buyer or require financing, we provide a detailed draw schedule of how the process works for your specific build. Our team at PathFinder Bank, or a lender of your choice, will guide you through the approval process for securing a construction draw loan that fits your financial goals and aspirations.

Superior Materials

 We believe that superior materials in new home construction are essential to creating a durable, energy-efficient, and comfortable living space. Not only do we take durability into consideration, but we also look at functionality, environmental impact, climate/location, and maintenance.

Every great home begins with a solid foundation. Here are just several of the ways we assert quality construction behind the walls and foundation


Our skilled operator uses GPS enabled machinery to dig the foundation, locates the water table, and shoots elevations of the road to ensure the house is built at the proper elevation. This ensures your home not only looks aesthetically pleasing by being built up, but ensures your basement will always be dry.

Block Foundation
Socked Drain Tile
Appropriate Backfill Material
Reinforcement Techniques
High-Quality Concrete
Zip System Walls
Spray Foam Rim Joist Insulation
Blower-Door Test Results
Energy-Efficient Windows
Proper Insulation
Advanced Roof Design

Creating a 14" heel design in the roof trusses allows for additional insulation in the eaves, helping to minimize heat loss through the attic and improve overall energy efficiency.

Clear-Span Trusses
Moisture Management
Quality HVAC / Water Heater Systems
Durable Exterior Finishes: Siding & Roofing
Green Building Practices
Cushion Close System
Customization and Variety
Plumbing Fixtures
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Let’s discuss ideas
& possibilities for your
Custom Dream Home


Are You

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Let’s discuss ideas
& possibilities for your
Custom Dream Home


Are You

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Our Mission

We believe that your home is a reflection of you, your family, and your beliefs. We are guided by a dedication to distinction, innovation, and integrity. We transform dreams into reality by designing and constructing custom homes that surpass expectations and inspire the lives of those who inhabit them.